The Beauty of a Slate Sign

Many homes and buildings are constructed with roofs covered in asphalt shingles. Alternatively, others are opting for metal roofing options in various colors. But have you ever considered utilizing slate for your building’s roof? The beauty of a slate roof is unsurpassed by any manmade material!

House signs slate is an excellent option for many reasons, not the least of which is that slate is a naturally occurring product created by nature, not a manufactured product. Slate is a type of rock created more than 500 million years ago when deposits of sediment-laden with clay minerals were compressed and subjected to heat, hardening into slate rock. Of course, that process also occurred over millions of years, but this is one of the reasons slate is such a durable roofing option.

Slate rock comes in a wide variety of colors and color patterns, all of which create an incredible display of natural beauty when displayed on a roof. The variations are both intricate and impressive. Mother nature truly outdid herself when creating this beautiful material.

Many famous and historical American homes utilized natural slate tiles for their roofs. As a result, if you want to re-roof a traditional, historical building, or if you want to restore a historic building to its former glory, slate tile is the roofing material of choice. No other material can compare with the elegant look and traditional appeal of slate. In addition, it’s high durability makes it an excellent choice.

However, it takes a special skill to install a slate roof, so this may not be the best project for a do-it-yourselfer to try on his or her own-particularly not for a first project. If you want to create an excellent weatherproof roof constructed of slate, you should hire a roofer that has years of experience in this type of application. Reputable slate roofers will provide you with an estimate for your roofing job’s cost at no charge to you. It would help if you got several estimates and then be sure to ask for and check references before selecting the contractor to begin your slate roofing job.

As natural stone products go, slate is the most economical to incorporate into your home or building project. It is much less expensive than quartzite or marble, for instance. This is due largely to the fact that slate house signs is somewhat easier to quarry and costs less to import than some of these other products.

Slate is naturally beautiful due to the rich variations in color, tones, and hues, as well as the natural veins that run through the rock due to the different chemical deposits and variations in the soil that created the rock. The slate tiles themselves can be purchased in various finishes. You can choose slate tiles with a smooth polished appearance, a rough, rustic surface, or a soft honed surface.